Ghana breaks Guinness world record for the longest food table ever

Ghana's record-breaking table has emerged as a Guinness world record following an event organised by Promasidor Ghana to mark their 5th anniversary. Promasidor is the company manufacturing Onga, Cowbell and other food products. The event was organized with grandeur at a large square.
Ghana's record-breaking table

Saudi Arabia once held the record for the world's longest table, but interestingly, Ghana now holds the record.

The 1,928 m (6,325 ft 5 in) table was unveiled on Saturday, March 25, at the Independence Square in Accra – and on Sunday in which over 3,600 guests were in attendance.

Professional caterers were also in attendance to make excellent Ghanaian dishes for guests which were all served on the same record-breaking table.

See video of the event. 

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