Checkout the Made-in-Ghana electric SUV: Africa's first Tesla

Africa's first fully-built electric car was just completed in the small country Ghana - which is an emerging hub for technology and other giant African strides. Named the Kantanka Odeneho, the new vehicle, which has most of its parts handmade and produced in the country, runs purely on electricity with massive 144V lead-acid batteries which are about 12 in total and occupy the front engine compartment.

Kantanka Odeneho
Notice the massive batteries in the engine compartment

So in essence, the regular engine in combustion vehicles was replaced with a combined pack of batteries to power the vehicle.

The car is an SUV, a 4-wheel drive at that! It's rechargeable and could turn out to be Africa's own Tesla!

Thanks to African inventor Engr. Kwadwo Safo, the first unit of the vehicle has been test-driven and the outcome, was simply amazing.

Kantanka Odeneho
Rear view with a moderately-sized bootspace
Other key features include a Quick Charge mode with a capacity of a full charge in just 15 minutes with overnight full charge in just 3 hours! Impressive!!

However, lifespan of the lead batteries is for an estimated one year period, quite an investment for your pocket.

Although, it's not yet commercially-available for pre-orders, the company's boss stated that it requires funding for massive production and marketing.

While the innovation is great, it seems to have borrowed design patterns from other automobile giants. Very obvious are the front headlights which take the resemblance of those on the 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser and the taillights which fits the looks of those on the 2014 Honda Pilot.

In the video below, we see the Kantanka produced from scratch by a team of 5 ardent workers, and afterwards gets tested.
However, we're happy with the development thus far and hope this project gets funding for success.

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