Airtel Nigeria finally rolls out 4G-LTE Service

Being the last of the four SIM-based telecoms giants in Nigeria to roll out 4G-LTE internet service, Airtel seems to have taken its time to install the necessary facilities to handle its large customer base. To me, it's quite overdue as it has taken too long to launch.

The talk of 4G internet service is even becoming an old trend in some other countries as they now advance to developing 5G! So it's funny how it's celebrated here when it's gradually fading out. Perhaps because it's relatively new, hence the euphoria around it.

The Managing Director, Airtel Nigeria, Mr Segun Ogunsanya  made the announcement that the telecommunications company rolled out Fourth Generation (4G) wireless mobile telecommunications technology in Nigeria. Ogunsanya stated in Lagos that the roll-out of the technology was in partnership with ZTE, a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment/systems company.

He further revealed that Airtel was the first telecommunications operator in the country to complete a successful 4G trial in Lagos back in December, 2012.

According to him, this is in line with the company’s commitment to pioneer innovation and lead a mobile internet revolution in Nigeria.

“This is a new dawn for mobile internet in Nigeria. Airtel and ZTE’s collaboration to roll out 4G service plan in Nigeria will dramatically improve mobile internet experience for telecommunications consumers across the country."

“Indeed, Airtel is committed to strengthening its position as a true pioneer of innovation in the Nigerian telecommunications domain."

“This is in line with our overall corporate vision of becoming the mobile Internet service provider of first choice for every Nigerian,” he said.

Regional Vice President of ZTE Corporation, Mr Zhang Ruigang, said that ZTE would cooperate with Airtel Nigeria to build the first-class 4G LTE network and provide the best long term service to Airtel Nigeria.

“4G LTE is a truly global mobile phone standard for advanced mobile broadband.
“Airtel’s 4G LTE aims to offer users faster, more reliable mobile broadband internet for devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops,” Ruigang said.

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