[Video] Google's latest robot 'Handle' is probably better than you at gymnastics

Google's new robot nicknamed 'Handle' is apparently surprising and nerve-wracking! It was unbelievable to see a robot do such tricks like jumping, running, lifting heavy items without constraint and spinning freely like a skater with perfect flexibility like a human.

Google and Boston Dynamics develop a new robot handle

It's so intelligent that it acts independently of human intervention. Thumbs up to Google for this milestone achievement.

Although Google robots had been in the works with the test of a few but none surpasses the ability and capability or perhaps capacity of this latest robot to perform crazy stunts and go errands.

Boston Dynamics Google robot handle

In a video posted on YouTube by Boston Dynamics, the robot displays its abilities and human-induced talents. The video quickly went viral on the Internet.

Made 6ft tall, it sports two legs with two embedded wheels for movement and a torso like that of a human as well as suspension system to cushion the effect of rapid fall and rise.

Boston Dynamics described the combination of legs and wheels as the best of both worlds. The wheels make Handle energy efficient on flat surfaces. (It has a 15-mile range on one charge.) With legs it's able to manage uneven terrain, and go nearly anywhere.

Watch the video:

But don't get too excited - the robot is still a research project. It's unclear when, or if ever, we'll see the robot operating in the real world. Boston Dynamics has long released eye-catching videos of its robots performing all sorts of feats.

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