The new record-setting world's fastest jet is faster than Concorde!

A new Supersonic Jet is set to take the aviation industry by storm with astounding design both interior and exterior, and most importantly travel time, thus setting a new record as the world's fastest jet - that's about 10% faster than Concorde!

The Boom Supersonic XB-1 is currently in the works and is expected to commence operations in no distant future.

As for travel time, the jet would set records as it could travel from London to New York in just three hours and fifteen minutes; from Sydney in Australia to Los Angeles in just a little over six hours.

Already, the airplane is reported to have received about $33 million in funding in which case, Richard Branson's Spaceship Company, Galactic is the latest to dole out funds for the project.

The airline will be the "fastest civil airplane ever made and the first independently-developed surpersonic jet," according to the company.

According to The Daily Mail, the jet will travel at 1,451 miles per hour (10% faster than Concorde), and will fly at around 60,000 feet - higher than any other aircraft has flown, resulting in a quieter, less turbulent experience. It will provide every passenger with a seat that is both window and aisle thanks to its two single-seat rows.

Tech Insider also reports that every passenger will have a seat that is both window and aisle thanks to its two single-seat rows.

CEO and founder Blake Scholl said, "Concorde's designers didn't have  the technology for affordable supersonic travel, but now we do."

"Our mission is to make supersonic flight a reality. With this new capital, we are closer than ever to the first flight of our XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator in about a year."
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