Explosion test: see what happens when an iPhone 5 burns on 20,000 matchsticks

Since we've had several cases of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices and IPhone 7 devices exploding from faulty battery issues, it's not much of a surprise that on certain circumstances, they'd also explode.

IPhone 5 explodes on 20,000 burning matchsticks

A spectacular destructive test was carried out on an iPhone 5 with a whopping 20,000 matchsticks. The gif image below is an abridged depiction of the scenario. A more detailed video by MrGear via YouTube is shown at the end of this post.

IPhone 5 explodes on 20,000 burning matchsticks

With all the metallic build and compact design, the phone could not stand the massive heat from a mammoth crowd of burning matches. Now, that's pushing iPhone to its limits. What happens in the video below is just superfluous and at the same time, daring!

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