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Real "Iron Man" invented by British man Richard Browning

We've seen it all in sci-fi movies and it all seemed like it's just fiction, never going to happen. However, today those movie characters and inventions are being made reality. Latest to the club is "Iron Man" whose concept has been developed and tested, thanks to British Entrepreneur and inventor, Richard Browning.

From hoverboards to levitating cars, and now a jet engine elevating technology.

Richard Browning invented a technology kit which uses kerosene-powered jet engines to lift whoever is putting it on. It comprises of six engines strapped to the arms and a powerhouse also strapped to the back of the individual.

According to Engadget, each jet engine produces about 22kg (46 pounds) of force, so six are more than enough to lift you up. 

The device cost Richard Browning $50,000 to build, but some of that cost was offset thanks to investors and partners like Red Bull.

"I can just strap this on and go flying at a moment's notice," Browning told Techcrunch. Additionally, the engines are powered by kerosene and at intermittent points, shoot fires.

In a locally-made video, Richard Browning tests out the technology himself. Watch below.

According to Browning, the device is designed to go low and slow (walking speed and no more than 6-10 feet above ground), and uses a dead-man's switch that stops everything when not pressed, claiming that the kerosene doesn't cause any harm at small quantity with which he tested the technology.  Since it's kerosene, it should be less explosive than petrol or gas in the case of any accident or misfire.

"If I fell in some unimaginably bad way and somehow burst my robust fuel system, I would just leak it very slowly on the floor," he said.

Browning hopes to sell the technology to big companies and individuals who are hobbyists, and as well for search and rescue operations.

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