New Geostorm movie is mind-blowing and shows the future of the world

Following a sequel with the likes of 2012, Edge of Tomorrow and The Day After Tomorrow, the new blockbuster movie Geostorm reveals future trends the world is likely going to take as imagined by the brains behind the concept.

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New Geostorm movie is action-packed and mind-blowing

The sci-fi thriller combines Geography and other environmental sciences to bring about a supercool graphic illustration of the likelihood of a catastrophic and devastating outcome of climate change and the extreme use of technology to manipulate natural systems. Spectacular scenes include the falling of planes, monstrous tornadoes, gigantic tsunamis and extreme fires all around the world.

In the movie, a satellite-controlled weather system malfunctions and the results are disastrous and irreversible. High-resolution imagery and mind-blowing graphics all add sweetness to the experience while viewing.

With a high-powered cast and movie crew, Geostorm promises to entertain, thrill and educate you on your immediate environment and what could happen should one thing go wrong.

As usual, the trailer is already out with the full movie release coming soon.

Main cast include:
1. Gerard Butler as Jake
2. Abbie Cornish as Agent Sarah
3. Alexandra Lara as Ute Fassbinder, Jake’s love interest
4. Jim Sturgess as Max
5. Ed Harris as Secretary Dekkom
6. Andy GarcĂ­a as President Palma
7. Adepero Oduye as Adisa
8. Eugenio Derbez as Hernandez
9. Amr Waked as Dussette
10. Billy Slaughter as Karl Dright

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