Made-in-Nigeria solar-powered car built by Nigerian student

Sustainable development is the way to go with natural power and energy sources. Recently, Segun Oyeyiola - a 30-year old Electrical/Electronics Engineering student of  the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, successfully built a complete solar-powered car. Not just solar power, it also combines wind energy to deliver power to the vehicle for operation.

Nigerian student builds solar-powered car

Looking more like a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, Segun's car sure can accommodate at least two passengers.

His car has been programmed to pass on information to the driver about battery level, weather conditions and other tech functionalities such as GPS and location tracking - a function which can be accessed from a computer or smartphone. Pretty amazing!

Nigerian student builds solar-powered car

According to him, his intention is to eliminate climate change issues such as combustion.

“In the course of my research, I found out that our regular cars contribute immensely to climate change… If we could manufacture cars that do not use fuel or reduce the number of cars that use fuel; our world will be a better place for us to live in.”

He noted a few instances of his challenges making this project.

“Asides the lack of electricity, getting the right materials and text books to study as well as other needed tools was difficult. But the most prominent of them was the lack of funds. I started using my personal funds which I obtained by helping people to do their projects and a little fund my parents also contributed towards the project.”

Segun looks forward to developing a fully functional commercial models of his prototype for the Nigerian populace and for Africa.

“Everyone likes it and they are willing to start driving it around town because of its low cost of maintenance.”

Nigerian student builds solar-powered car

According to Segun, he would love to get funding for the development of his project and to see it come to fruition that climate change is minimized by innovations like this.
 “I would rather they fund me to put together a team to help me perfect them and make them commercial.”

In conclusion the 30-year-old urged youths to look for solutions to the global problems and never stop learning something new.

“And it’s better to start anything we wanted to do now. Let’s do what will make us happy and that which will not affect our fellow being negatively,” He said.

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