How to avoid getting arrested for wrong parking

Guess you didn't know parking in certain places result in contravention of traffic laws and regulations. Below are the strategic and designated areas you shouldn't park your vehicle avoid the much-dreaded tow-away.

No parking tow away zone

As much as possible, locate parking lots or areas with the green or blue "P" sign to park your vehicle.

Parking in suitable places

Avoid parking im areas where “NO PARKING” sign is indicated . You must not park where your vehicle will obstruct the views of other road users or constitute danger to them.

1. Road Junctions (Opposite or within 10 metres : 32 ft of a junction).
2. Bends or corners.
3. Top/crest of a hill.
4. Narrow bridge.
5. Railway line crossing.

Tow away traffic

6. On zebra crossings and at emergency entrances/exits. For example, hospitals, road-side clinics, road safety offices, police stations, fire stations and fire hydrants (those red metallic stands you see by the side of the road for emergency firefighting)
7. Entrances of markets, schools and private residence.
8. Footpath, pavement or cycle path.
9. The left hand side of the road at night (except in one-way street).
10. On flyovers, in tunnels or in underpasses (unless there are signs to say you may park there).
11. On expressways (except on the hard shoulder in an emergency).
12. Where you will make the road narrow.
13. Opposite another parked vehicle if this would narrow the road lesser that the width of two vehicles (double parking).
14. Near road construction works.

Where necessary, park your car at a free parking lot. Remember, the ultimate traffic warning is "don't drink and drive, and if.you must drive, don't drink at all."
Safety always, happy driving!

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