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China is building a monster machine to control the weather

Asian tech giant, China is making the newsround for attempting to control the weather with technology. The country is going to make it rain! Its government has created a technology that can cause a downpour over an area almost twice the size of France.

China is building a monster machine to control the weather

Spending £138 million on the new innovation, China wants to solve the drought problem in its north-western districts.

First, the country is sending airplanes to spray chemicals like dry ice and silver iodide across the sky to create more rainfall in a technique called cloud seeding. The chemicals are typically silver iodide or dry ice which will change the metaphysical make up of the cloud. This process then forces it to sleet, rain or even snow artificially, on demand.

China is building a monster machine to control the weather

The China Meteorological Administration expects rainfall and snow to be increased over 960,000 sq km as a result.

China has another machine in the works which it claims will make it rain over an area 1.7 times the size of France.
According to reports, the project is estimated to take about four years to complete.

However, it’s not totally a new technology.
Back in 2008, China launched over 1,100 rockets containing silver iodide before the Olympics opening ceremony so Beijing’s skies would be clear for its fireworks display.

Don't blame China for their insane ideas, it's to solve the nation's colossal problems.

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