Akon owns a Tesla: it was stolen and few hours later, this happens.

Akon's Tesla gets stolen and recovered few hours later

Famous guy Akon got his Tesla ride borrowed by a burglar and few hours later, it was recovered. Apparently, the car thief knew little of the advanced technology of the Tesla electric car.

According to online media TMZ, sources reported saying "a burglar entered the garage Saturday night at his Woodland Hills, CA home, and bolted with his Model S. It wasn't tough to lift the luxury ride - we're told the garage door was accidentally left open."

However, luck ran out of the burglar when he pulled over somewhere and the Tesla security system detected unusual activity and shut the vehicle down. Although the suspect ran away, the car was located just a few hours after it was stolen.

Thanks to the sophisticated security system, the car was recovered peacefully. Now left for Tesla to further improve on and tighten their security system.

Akon portrays to be a Tesla fan and that encourages others to follow his footsteps. 

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