Airtel is offering 3GB data for N1,000 - limited time offer

Airtel has of recent gained more subscribers with a sudden unfortunate incidence of fine that has befallen MTN with the company announcing its first loss this month, hence the poor quality of service of late.

Airtel 1000 for 3GB

Seems like people are now putting more trust in Airtel, probably because the network is really fast and they conduct routine upgrades and maintenance of their facilities. I have personally recorded Internet speed of 2.2 MBPS on a particular day (in the afternoon) using Speedtest.net.

In lieu of this development, Airtel is now offering 3GB data plan for the price of N1,000 only.  Previously, the same N1,000 would get you 1.5GB but they have doubled the offer for a limited time only.

To subscribe, simply dial *496*2# and you'd be credited instantly.

However it's a limited time offer. Hopefully, in the coming months with addition of more subscribers, they may just make the plan official.

So quickly recharge and enjoy this amazing offer.

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