Trending now! Nokia 3310 classic with battery life that can last up to a month launched

Whoops! It's finally here. The iconic Nokia 3310 makes a second debut with the classic version. You should know that this version is not a smartphone, rather it's an upgraded version reminiscent of the original 3310 device. It's a Java phone and very interestingly is the fact that our lovely game, Snake is back!

Nokia 3310 classic

It was recently launched at the 2017 edition of Mobile Week Congress (MWC). Milestones have been achieved in the Congress even as Blackberry revealed their new KEYone Android smartphone.

Well, as for the 3310, it offers a similar design to its big brother with of course specific improvements on both hardware and software. Now let's analyze our darling battery-loaded, life-saving 3310, shall we?

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First of, the screen is now a 2.4-inch QVGA color display as against the monochrome/black and white screen of the original. Also included is a 2 Megapixels camera and a standard microSD card slot for multimedia.

The new Nokia 3310 classic

Secondly, it now offers different colours and an entirely new version of our favourite game, Snake.

Ooh and most importantly, Nokia claims the battery loaded into this baby can last up to a month in standby mode. The classic Nokia ringtone is also included.

Available for pickup at just $52 which is pretty affordable to the average income earner.

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