The Apocalypse: end time and doomsday comes as humans will be wiped out in 2017- Christian fundamentalists

A group of Christian fundamentalists and conspiracy theorists have asserted that the world would come to an end in 2017 with the different signs of the end times that abound in the society today.

Christian fundamentalists claim the end time comes in 2017

They believe that increase in the natural disasters, earthquakes and solar eclipses that occur signify that the world is coming to an end. Their assertions are corroborated by Biblical sayings and teachings or quotations about the signs of the end time which include earthquakes in diverse places.

Another sign they point to is the diminishing number of fish, bats and honey bees. They warn that these are Biblical signs that humans should prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.

The claim is carried especially prominently in the website Signs of the End Times, which cites various Biblical verses to back up the claim.

Doomsday end time

The website declares that the increase in the number of earthquakes in recent times, the number of solar eclipses and the diminishing number of bees, bats and fish are all Biblical signs that the end of times is upon us.

The website also cites evidence available online that over 4,000 earthquakes have occurred since the beginning of 2017.

The website further asserts: "Never has there been a time before when all these events were evident in so many diverse places and with such frequency and intensity. Our generation is the first generation to fulfill all the biblical signs. Without doubt we are living in the final year."

It therefore warns mankind that they should prepare for the apocalypse and the return of Jesus Christ, and that they will have no excuse given that all these signs are evident.

Conspiracy theorists have repeated these claims over the years and it is not apparent that these latest claims are any different.

See video below for claims.


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