The all-new 885-horsepower luxury yacht by Lexus

Yes! In a new twist, Lexus changes focus not just on automobiles but also to boats. I just recently stumbled upon a recent article about the new yacht by Lexus and it's really a beauty.

Lexus unveiled luxury yacht

Recall that Lexus is the luxury car division of Toyota, but the new yacht was built by the Marine Subdivision of Toyota.

Packing a whopping 885 horsepower with a V8 engine, the sport yacht is 42-ft in length and can conveniently convey up to eight occupants reaching a top speed of 72.4 km/hr going by the official Lexus' specifications of the product.

As well, the boat's hull and other structures are made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic, a material frequently used in high-performance exotic cars.

Although, it's not available for sale, it was unveiled as a concept boat.

Lexus unveiled luxury yacht concept

In recent years, Lexus has been working on expanding its base and products line to attain an all-time luxury and lifestyle brand, and this is evident in their latest releases of luxury cars and other lifestyle products. 

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