Soon you'll be able to retract messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to roll out really cool features of late despite tussle around its privacy issues. The latest is the ability to revoke or edit sent messages. 

WhatsApp to include feature for editing and retracting messages before they're read

This means that you can retract a message you just sent before the recipient sees it, just like that of Blackberry Messenger (BBM). So in that situation where you just typed something and didn't actually mean it or needed to undo it, you just press-hold on the particular message and you're offered two options on a pop-up - either to edit or delete.

But you'll only be able to retract the message provided the other party hasn't read it (that is, the blue double-tick hasn't appeared).
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The app developers are currently testing the option to edit (or even delete) sent messages before they’ve even been read.

The feature is currently being tested on the beta version of WhatsApp’s next update, so the devs can iron out any error or bugs before making the update available to everyone.

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Sadly, there’s no set date as to when the update will appear but we hope in the coming few weeks, there should be a beta test version.

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