Now it's easier to save your "list" of places on the Google Maps

Google maps has added yet another handy feature to keep track of your favorite places and the ability to share those places with friends. Pretty an easy way of archiving places for easy recollection.

On the 13th February 2017, Google announced via its blog through the Maps product manager, Zach Maier that map users can now quickly add favorite places to a list for easier navigation and place referencing.

The list feature affords the opportunity to "create lists of places, share your lists with others, and follow the lists your friends and family share with you—without ever leaving the Google Maps app (Android, iOS)." a statement on the blog read. So you need not worry about memorizing your favorite places or places you intend to visit. Google maps has got you covered in that aspect.

Adding the places 
The process is quite easy. According to Google, you can just open the Google Maps app and find the particular place you're looking for in the search box at the top. Tapping on the place name and then the “Save” icon adds the place to one of several pre-set lists like “Want to Go” or “Favorites.” You can also add the place to your own custom-named list, for instance "My joint" or "Best cinema in Lagos."

And then to "recall the lists you’ve created, go to Your Places (in the side menu) and then open the saved tab. Icons for the places you’ve saved to lists will appear on the map itself, so you’ll always know whether one of your must-try BBQ spots is nearby."

Google also enabled sharing of the lists you've created with friends through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, emails, text messages and other popular messaging apps.

"Whenever friends and family come to town, tap the share button to get a link and start flexing your local knowledge muscles. Once you send a link to your out-of-towners, they can tap “Follow” to pull up the list from Your Places whenever they need it."

The lists are always available for you since your Maps app is linked to your Google account. You can take them with you on a trip or to anywhere. They are also available offline in the event of poor network connectivity through offline maps.

The list feature is very important as the myriad of landmarks and places are not easily memorized. It thus archives places for you, saving them in the order you've added them to the list.

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