Nigeria: Free WiFi now available courtesy of Don Jazzy and Tsaboin CEO

So we've been craving for gestures like this in a country where there are lots of super rich personalities and over the years, little good has really come out of our yearnings, though there have been other free WiFi services operating but not really reliable and consistent.

flobyt wifi by Don Jazzy and Tsaboin traffic CEO Dele Odufuye

But thankfully in a new development, popular media personality and artiste Don Jazzy and Tsaboin Traffic App and Service CEO Dele Odufuye have both co-founded and launched a WiFi service (Flobyt WiFi) available free-of-charge in different locations, delivering speed and security with unlimited access.

They both showcased the WiFi service at a media presentation in Lagos.

According to Techpoint.ng, "Flobyt is a free WiFi service installed across partner locations in Lagos like eateries, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants, caf├ęs and many other businesses. The service is free for patrons of a business who wish to access the internet while in the premises of the patron locations. The internet router itself is a plug-and-play device that, according to the founders, does not require much technical know-how to operate."

flobyt wifi by Don Jazzy and Tsaboin traffic CEO Dele Odufuye
Further, the service is only available in partner outlets. So if you walk into anywhere (business, school or hangout joint) you connect free of charge without any restriction.

Tsaboin Founder, Dele Odufuye stated 
"Flobyt is 100% free for the users and our partner locations, all you have to do is walk in and log in. In fact, our working slogan is ‘Don’t use your data, use ours."

Thankfully, this gesture will go a long way in addressing the connectivity needs of many Internet users and data-savvy peeps.

According to the founders, the WiFi service is secured with regular security protocols to guard against hacking and unsafe connections since it's going to be a public service.

Basically, the Flobyt WiFi operates by displaying ads intermittently when a user connects to it, while at the same offering unrestricted access to the Internet.

flobyt wifi by Don Jazzy and Tsaboin traffic CEO Dele Odufuye

The founders claim it's not the first of its kind but is accompanied with the best technology and security.

"We know that this is not the first free WiFi proposition in Nigeria. However, we have state of the art technology, speed, security and speed to make it an enduring one."

With establishments and installations in several points in Lagos, the service can take up to 30 users at a go with the maximum being 80 users connecting simultaneously. It aims to expand to other parts of the nation and beyond. 

It's also stated that businesses interested in partnership can sign up by filling a form on the Flobyt website to nominate their location to hosts the service at no cost free of charge. 

Note: You may get an error message indicating that your browser does not support geolocation. This is normal, just tap okay and continue. 

We hope to see a sustainable service delivery and better innovations in the coming years. Thumbs up to the co-founders.

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