MTN Nigeria rolls out mobile electricity system: say goodbye to poor power supply

MTN Nigeria in conjunction with worldwide reputable solar firm, Lumos has launched a new electricity system aimed at providing uninterrupted power supply for households and businesses to suffice for the erratic power condition in the country.

MTN Nigeria in conjunction with worldwide reputable solar firm Lumos launches mobile electricity systems for households and businesses in the country

According to TechCabal, the national roll-out of the new electricity service was scheduled to hold on 20th February in Abuja. The launch event will officially introduce the mobile electricity systems into the Nigerian market, granting Nigerians easier access to purchase the service.

The new product as claimed aims to improve the living conditions of Nigerians through a quiet, clean, and pollution-free electricity supply and distribution system. The product is marketed as Lumos Mobile Electricity Service powered by MTN. Also, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

The mobile electricity system is solar-powered and the device is capable of powering bulbs, appliances like standing fans, ceiling fans, radio, television, computers and other electronic devices. The system comprises of a solar panel, an indoor power unit, phone charging accessories and 2 LED light bulbs. 
The kit can be purchased at MTN stores nationwide.

The Chief Executive of MTN Nigeria group , Mr. Ferdi Moolman intimated that MTN Nigeria has been on the forefront of innovation with the introduction of several technological initiatives which on the long run have help improve the lives of many Nigerians over the years. Thus the new product is one of the many strides of the telecoms giant.

“Our partnership with LUMOS was borne out of the need to provide safe, affordable electricity alternatives for Nigerians to uninterruptedly conduct their daily businesses. We at MTN value lives and the overall wellbeing of Nigerians and we’ll continue to put out initiatives that focus on providing life solutions,” Moolman said. 

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