(VIDEO): The New Nokia 6 Android Smartphone Got Me Wondering

Who else is wondering with me why Nokia has decided to make its new Android-powered smartphone available for only China, of all the more than 150 countries of the world? More like mesmerizing us with pizza that we probably wouldn’t get after all.


HMD Global has successfully packaged the first Android-based Nokia smartphone which was announced recently.
Not surprising of a 2017 smartphone, the new Nokia 6 packs a moderate 4GB RAM, a large 64 GB internal storage with SD card slot, a 16 MP camera and a whopping 3, 000 mAh battery capacity.
Nokia 6 Android-powered smartphone

Built form factor, it rocks a 5.5 inches screen with HD support. Under the hood, it rocks Android Nougat confirmed by the manufacturer which is of course, the latest version of Android by Google. 
More specs include a 430 SoC Snapdragon™ processor for swift performance. 

Although, not so strikingly different from other competing phones, it sure would have its peculiarities being a Nokia handset. 

Quite disappointing is the fact that it's not avail for the international market. 
At an estimated moderate retailing price of $245 equivalent to about NGN78, 000, it's a fair offering in my opinion based on the specs enlisted. 

Hopefully, we'd see Nokia making waves with more high spec mobiles in the coming years, and most importantly FOR THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET! 

Watch the official commercial video :

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