Now Official: Africa's First High-Speed Train Unveiled In Morocco

The North African country of Morocco has become the first in Africa to acquire and operate Africa's first high-speed train which surpasses South Africa's Gautrain

Morocco gets Africa's first high-speed train

which was put in operation back in 2012 - although not qualified as a high-speed train according to today's standards. According to media reports, the newly launched trains have a capacity of reaching speeds of 322 km/hr. In essence, trip time is reduced by half.

Gulping about $2 billion, the rail project to install the French-made high-speed train with double-deck has been running for over 9 years and has received support from neighbouring territories of France, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

It's projected that by 2018, the train would be in operation although currently being tested ahead of its launch and is expected to run on the Tangiers-Casablanca route; Casablanca being the capital of Morocco.

The Moroccan government says it aims at achieving a feat of six million passengers a year after three years of commercial operation.

Morocco gets Africa's first high-speed train

The project will now improve transportation across borders and boost tourism, revenue and economic growth for the Moroccan people.

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