Nigerian University Student Builds Tallest Scrap Sculpture In Africa

Isaac Aladeogo is a Fine and Applied Arts graduate of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) in Nigeria. He hails from Ondo State and has successfully constructed the first of its kind - the tallest scrap sculpture in Africa.

UNIBEN graduate builds tallest scrap sculpture in Africa

"My lecturers started claiming to be my father. Friends came back smiling. My external supervisor gave me 100%."

The sculpture which was unveiled in the university attained a heigh of 20ft and has so far gained wide popularity and attraction both nationwide and from abroad.

In a recent interview with greennews.ng, Isaac stated that he had always loved drawing from childhood.

I enjoy staring at the pictures in the story books, even when I can’t read them, I just stare at the pictures. Reading Ali and Simbi, Book of my Bible Story and other illustrations story books then, was fun, their pictures were fascinating.

UNIBEN graduate builds tallest scrap sculpture in Africa

Sometimes I would jump the fence and walk around the town looking for pictures, sculptures, and statures that inspires me. I would go to our King’s palace to admire the painting done on the walls. I was that fascinated my art works.

Going by him, the artwork was his final year project which he nicknamed "Humanity".

Before I arrived at the giant structure, I did a written project and consulted many historical content. The research spans a period of three months. I used scrap objects, junk metals of different forms and shapes which signify the different phases of life.

Humanity, my final year project, was inspired when I discovered the depth of suffering in Africa. Africa is projected as a continent full of negativity. Apart from our rich cultural heritage,  nothing else is seen as good.

So I discovered that it is not the continent, it’s the people. Our way of living needs to be refined. We need more self discovery.

So I came up with the idea of what Humanity should be. Life is like a race. But in this journey, we have the wind of life that blows as we race. As we run fast in this wind, it tears us apart and we are diminishing with time but the good news is that if we don’t give up, we can still get to our destination and be fulfilled.

The problem with many of us is that many Africans lack fulfillment. That is why we set up this for people to stop being selfish with their lives, let us live for the future because our lives is in the midst of the wind, he said.
I Suffered Mockery, Ridicule!

He recounted the ordeals he faced and the challenges that befell him in the course of the project, stating that it took a lot of dedication and diligence.

It took about five months. I started it on December 21st 2015 and ended on April 24th, 2016.

A lot of people laughed at me. Some even thought I don’t know what I am doing because I had to abandon my fashion, music and sport business to concentrate on the project. My story was everywhere on campus. Some of my friends left me because they were embarrassed and shy to relate with me because I was always looking dirty.

They said I am doing overdo. Girls on Ekenwan campus mocked me. God! I suffered.

I never knew that was still the beginning.  Another day, I feel from the top of my work and seriously injured my legs. I was on the ground for more than 30 minutes before people came to my rescue and took me to the hospital.

This injury delayed the whole project for two months before I could continue. People won’t stop mocking me. They said Aladeogo was doing rubbish and he feel on top of his rubbish.

However, despite the obstacles, alas he was successful and gained popularity.

Four months after I finished this project, I became celebrated by the whole University community. Researchers and observer started coming from different parts of the world to see what I have built. This was I became a hero on campus.

My lecturers started claiming to be my father. Friends came back smiling. My external supervisor gave me 100%.

The Vice Chancellor game me a Commendation award, and I was made the University Ambassador.

UNIBEN graduate builds tallest scrap sculpture in Africa

As well, his family weren't left out in the euphoria of his achievements. He therefore admonishes others.

Discouragement will come from different angle. It is your choice to accept or reject it. Just believe that nothing is impossible. My impossible story of building a 20ft tall sculpture is.

Isaac aims to build another huge sculpture soon, and this time in the nation's capital.
My next plan is to build a 60ft sculpture in Abuja, he said.

We hope to see more great works from Isaac as he advances in his career.

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