MTN Nigeria Announces Discontinued Support For Blackberry

Telecommunications giant, MTN Nigeria has announced that it would discontinue support for Blackberry services offered in Nigeria from January 27th, 2017.
MTN and other telcos withdraw support for Blackberry services

The decision is coming as BlackBerry is set to launch a new Android Smartphone.

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The telecom group made the announcement via text messages sent to subscribers which was quoted:

"Dear customer, MTN Blackberry service will be decommissioned on 27/01/2017. Please upgrade to a smartphone and enjoy 100% bonus on any data bundle purchased."

MTN Nigeria withdraws support for Blackberry services

Recall that in the months of November and December 2016, other telecoms operators like Glo and Etisalat equally withdrew support for Blackberry devices running Blackberry OS 7. Only BB10 devices are being supported for now.

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