Meet the Luxury Bus That Runs Both on Land and Water

The amphibious bus or otherwise called the water bus is able to run conveniently on land and on water. It is built with the technology to operate as a land jet and a water cruiser.

Luxury bus that runs both on land and on water

Although this technology isn't new as there have been other developments such as the amphibious plane which is able to land on water and fly midair, it is still a milestone achievement in the automobile industry especially in countries with low technological penetration.

It's been in use in some countries for several years, but to some, it's a new technology.

Luxury bus that runs both on land and on water

The water bus is mostly and often used for tours and excursions or sightseeing. It is able to operate like a boat on water using the propellers, but when on land it runs on the front and rear tyres.

In recent times, the auto industry has seen several developments as the future of motoring looks towards self-driving cars and flying cars.

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