Google Maps Now Integrated with Uber

Popular and most widely used map service, Google Maps has seen better features of late, with the recent update being the incorporating of Uber service into the Maps app.

There's no need to switch between Google Maps and Uber apps
There's no need to leave the Google Maps app 
Users will henceforth no longer worry about switching between the Google Maps and Uber apps, either during a trip or before.

Same services offered on the Uber app would now appear on the maps app such as fare estimates, booking a ride, payments and the rest, a post made by TIME read.

There’s no longer a need to switch between Google Maps and Uber when planning a trip. Google is adding a new Uber integration that makes it possible to get a fare estimate, book a ride, and pay without leaving the app, the company announced on its site Thursday.

According to Google, users are still able to get access to ride sharing service by logging in or creating an account from within the Google Maps, even if the Uber app is not installed. As well, tracking driver location and making contacts can be done in the maps app after booking a ride. The new introductions seem to come very handy.

The new features come with an update on the Google Maps itself, even as Google aims to further develop and enhance its mapping services.

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