Google Maps Adds Parking Availability Feature

The Google Maps app has reportedly added a new feature which highlights available parking lots at designated locations.

Google maps adds parking availability

The feature which is still in beta stage has been tested by some users of the Google Maps app v9.44 beta version who got an early taste of the feature.
The feature is said to display in three different modes: the Limited, Medium and Easy - which signifies the nature of parking space availability in the said location, with a bold "P" symbol displayed on the available parking lot.

Although, there have been no information on the source of data for this feature from Google, it may draw its information from already available sensing systems which detect traffic and movement of vehicles or perhaps Google may have developed a new system specially designed for the feature overtime.

In the coming weeks, hopefully the feature may just be made available for all devices running Android and are compatible with the newly updated Maps app.

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