Blazer!! Albino Alligator Discovered in US Wildlife Parks Sets the Internet on Fire

So there was a recent discovery in the Gatorland Wildlife Park in Orlando, Florida, United States and this time it was an albino (white) alligator which of course is a rare occurrence in today's

Albino alligator discovered in US Wildlife Park

dispensation when wildlife seems endangered and animals going extinct as a result of poaching by humans. The alligator appears all-white including the eyes which are somewhat pink that you may just think it's a toy or a clone.

A video of the reptile published by the park management went viral on social media sparking widespread discussion.

Nicknamed Pearl, the Gatorland Park says the gator has become a celebrated star as more and more people continue to visit just to catch a glimpse of the August visitor.
According to the park authority, young Pearl is just 10 years old and has a length of 7.5ft.

“Pearl is 10 years old and very popular at Gatorland,” a Gatorland spokesman told The Daily Telegraph. “She is 7.5 feet long and weighs 105 pounds.”

“She arrived to Gatorland when she was 3 years old. Pearl is an albino alligator which means she has white skin and pink eyes due to the complete absence of pigmentation,” the spokesman said.

Park officials said Pearl and Bouya Blan, another albino gator at the park, would have difficulty surviving in the wild due to their inability to properly camouflage with their surroundings.

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