Benefits associated with the Google Local Guides Programme

Did you know?

· You can get free 100GB storage on Google Drive (UPDATED): Google will not offer free 100GB after March 17th, 2017. 
google local guides programme

· You can also get to test new Google products and features before anyone else or before it’s made available for public use and download.
· You get to participate in Local Events organized in your city by Google.
· You get a chance to attend Google Annual Event in Mountain View, California on an all expense-paid trip, visa inclusive!
· You get a badge and officially become a Local Guide in your city.
· You get a chance to become a leader in your city, organizing events and meetings in your city.
· You can discover new places, and unveil your passion for helping others.
· You can have and be all these, if you choose to become a LOCAL GUIDE for Google.
The Local Guides Programme is Google-sponsored and entails contributing to the Google Maps in 5 simple ways: 
1. Writing reviews about places and businesses on the Google Maps
2. Adding photos of places and businesses on the Google Maps
3. Adding new places and businesses on the Google Maps
4. Suggesting an edit on existing places and businesses on the Google Maps – opening and closing hours, services rendered, phone no, website, address
5. Rating Businesses and Places on the Google Maps
There a five (5) levels on the Local Guides Platform. More information on the Local Guides website below. 
We love to share, we love to help others, and we love photography!
Join the Local Guides Platform in one easy step.
Go to www.google.com/local/guides or just search “local guide” on www.google.com and register.
Next, head for your Maps app in your application list either on Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry and start contributing.

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