Paris declared car-free day: should your city follow suit?
So Paris made it to the news on Monday with the city's mayor, Anne Hidalgo declaring a car-free day throughout the city to reduce air pollution and equally minimize car traffic on the city's roads; but this one-day policy left me puzzled. Although, this isn't be the first time the French government is experimenting car bans but this was a more spectacular occasion.

Car-free day in Paris
The all-terrain king: brutal BRUTUS motorcycle
Meet the new king of two-wheeled motorbikes, the 'brutal' BRUTUS, a powerful motorcycle with fat, chain-snow tyres designed to cross any terrain from sand to rock to snow. It's a new one from British car manufacturer, CATERHAM. It rocks a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 750 cc single engine, producing an impressive 50-horsepower for its level. It also features a massive pair of 26-inch wheels and some heavy-duty friction tyres.

Check out Audi's future truck
Audi's plan for the future seems very promising with its semi-autonomous and self-driving vehicle concepts and development. The company intends to make the future of trucks a brilliant one with the development of a prototype for its future truck.

Future concept design for Audi truck